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With over 200 years experience in helping people memorialise their loved ones, the Mossfords blog is here to offer information, advice & guidance to those looking for answers to the most difficult questions.

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The Best Way to Clean a Headstone or Grave Marker

Headstones are available in a wide range of styles and stone materials. This can mean it’s difficult knowing where to start when it comes to safely cleaning and maintaining the lawn memorial of a...

The History of Headstones & Burials

With modern human civilisation dating back some 300,000 years it’s easy to steer our imagination into overdrive when thinking back on how life may have been. How did we live? What did family life...

New ‘Google Maps for Graves’ Project to Snap Millions of Headstones for Public Database

A new 'Google Maps for Graves' project will see Atlantic Geomatics surveying company pay a visit to the Church of England’s 19,000 graveyards to make every final resting place freely available to...

Celebrating St. David’s Day at Mossfords

Welsh Delights in the Office Happy St. David's Day from all of us at Mossfords! Today, we're taking a delightful short pause from our usual routine to spend some moments celebrating this special day...

Restoring the Legacy: Bartley Wilson’s Marble Headstone

Cleaning & Restoring Bartley Wilson's Marble HeadstoneWe at Mossfords were recently honoured to undertake the delicate task of cleaning and restoring the stunning marble headstone belonging to...

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What Can You Do to Help With Grieving?

What Can You Do to Help With Grieving?

What can you do that will help you during the grieving process? Following a death, people cope with grief in different ways, and if there’s one thing people dealing with bereavement can agree with, it’s that grief certainly isn’t a linear process. There will be days...

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A Guide to Grave Settling

A Guide to Grave Settling

Have you ever wondered why graves sink? Once a funeral is over and a loved one has been laid to rest, attention tends to turn to the headstone - this is natural as you no doubt feel it’s important to honour their life with a meaningful memorial. You may believe that...

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5 of the Oldest Cemeteries in the World

5 of the Oldest Cemeteries in the World

Watch or Listen to this Article's Free Video Audiobook BelowWe can’t know for sure when our ancestors began to intentionally bury the dead, but archaeological findings and the belief of many scholars do take us back some 100,000 years if we want to make an attempt...

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