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New ‘Google Maps for Graves’ Project to Snap Millions of Headstones for Public Database

A new 'Google Maps for Graves' project will see Atlantic Geomatics surveying company pay a visit to the Church of England’s 19,000 graveyards to make every final resting place freely available to...

Meaningful Tributes: Things to Put on a Grave

Losing a loved one is a poignant and transformative journey, marked by a flood of emotions and the quest for meaningful ways to honour their memory. At Mossfords, we recognise the profound...

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How Does Granite Get its Colour?

How Does Granite Get its Colour?

As arguably the most popular stone material used to make memorials it’s common for people to ask themselves "how does granite get its colour?". One thing that leaves many memorial buyers perplexed as well as amazed is the fact that granite memorials are available in a...

Who Can Put a Headstone on a Grave?

Who Can Put a Headstone on a Grave?

There are many things to consider when organising a funeral. Doing so while trying to grieve can make things incredibly difficult and stressful for some, while others appreciate being kept busy and productive during this period with something that occupies their time....

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