Memorial Insurance

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Protect the memory of a loved one – with an insurance policy you can rely on.

Whilst you will no doubt take care of your loved one’s memorial, it is always advisable to insure a memorial against accidental damage and vandalism, making sure the cover takes effect immediately.

Attacks of vandalism are not restricted to grand or elaborate memorials – often the simplest family memorials are the targets of malicious attacks or are accidentally damaged by lawn mowers and strimmers. But it is not just vandalism that you need to protect against; subsidence is a very common issue as are storm and impact damage.

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We offer full protection for your memorial with StoneGuard’s “All Risks” Cover. With prices starting from just £6.20 per year, our memorial insurance provides complete peace of mind that your commemoration is in safe hands. You can even insure your old family memorial, which may have been in the cemetery for years. In this case the memorial will have to be valued by us before insurance is taken out.

Full details of this our memorial cover are available at our showrooms and on request – we will also provide you with full details of this service on completion of any new or newly restored memorial. Contact us today to speak to a member of our friendly team and find out more.