Mossfords Memorial Restoration service restores using a range of modern applications to renovate the stone and bring it back to its original quality.



Teaming up with our sister company War Memorial Conservation Co to restore this beautiful war memorial in Windmill Gardens.


Mossfords Windmill Gardens War Memorial
Restoration of a full set memorial by Mossfords



Memorials are subjected to all manner of weather conditions and depending on their location many environmental elements can affect their appearance such as trees and bushes growing near, the standard of burial ground maintenance and general pollutants. These all contribute in varying ways meaning that memorials can become dirty and stained so that their appearance deteriorates and sometimes the stone becomes badly affected.

Our very popular, expert restoration service is designed to bring your loved ones’ memorial back to prime condition. Here is a full set lawn memorial that has been meticulously cleaned, bringing back its shine like new.



Teaming up with our sister company War Memorial Conservation Co to restore this historic war memorial in Penarth.

Mossfords Penarth War Memorial
Restoration of a lawn memorial by Mossfords



Our memorial restoration It is performed by our professionally trained and skilled staff. It is thoroughly washed and cleaned using specialist treatments specifically tailored to the type of stone. The memorial’s level and stability are checked and any tilting or sinking that has occurred is noted and then rectified. Any debris is carefully removed and any staining treated. Flower containers are emptied to prevent the build-up of stagnant or discoloured water that could lead to staining if it over-flows.

Here is a granite lawn memorial restored to its original, polished state.



Teaming up with our sister company War Memorial Conservation Co to restore this beautiful war memorial in Pentyrch.

Mossfords Pentyrch War Memorial
Restoration of a cremation memorial by Mossfords



All memorial restoration work is carried out by our BRAMM licensed skilled craftsmen. The Memorial is comprehensively inspected and we report any issues or areas of concern. It is then professionally washed and cleaned along with receiving a thorough Health and Safety check. We then check the stability and levels and correct them if necessary. Removal of debris (grass cuttings, bird droppings etc.) is taken care of followed by checking and emptying the flower containers. Neatly trimming the grass around memorial is ensured as well as removal of weeds within the memorial dependent on the memorial style. Checks are made for vandalism or damage and we will report any issues or areas of concern.

The memorial is finally photographed upon completion and confirmation the maintenance has been carried out will be sent by email. Shown here is a Portland Stone cremation memorial cleaned to its natural beauty.



Mossfords has recently had the pleasure of restoring a war memorial in Littlehampton, West Sussex. The monument contains 236 names listed by rank, surname and initials of the men who tragically lost their lives during World War I.

Over the years, the memorial had weathered and been embedded with biological growths and carbon deposits, resulting in a run-down appearance.

The cast bronze plaques on the sides of the monument that list names of the fallen have also been carefully cleaned and treated using a specialist crystalline Wax which was developed and is recommended by the British Museum. One additional name was also added to the role of honour by cleverly matching the original bronze and font styles.

A poultice solution was applied to the stained masonry surrounding the plaques to remove the Verdigris stains from the bronze. The surrounding area was also freshened with the new white chippings, replacing the weathered and dirty originals.

Mossfords Littlehampton War Memorial

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